About Mojo Valley

Dive into Yesterday

My name is Sinead Yau and I am the creator behind Mojo Valley. My career as a graphic designer, a teacher of design and technology, then a stay at home Mum enabled me to start up my own groovy business. Born and raised in London UK, I love exploring my city and draw inspiration from everything around me. I started drawing from an early age and often escaped to bright and colourful worlds in my head. In school, my focus was always art subjects and did pretty terribly in anything academic! My adoration for the 60s and 70s and anything psychedelic and kitsch has been a huge influence in my designs.

One of my greatest passions in life is travelling. I was fortunate to live in Vancouver, Canada for five years, which opened up more opportunities to visit some of the most magical places on earth. A few of my favourite destinations that I tap into often when illustrating are Maui in Hawaii, Palm Springs in California, Sedona in Arizona, the Seychelles and Alaska.

Orla Kiely exhibition, London UK