Showcasing some examples of work I have created over the past few years

All artwork is owned by Sinead Yau, © Mojo Valley

Please do not alter or reproduce my work without permission

If you would like to support my art, you can share on social media but please credit and tag @mojovalley in both the image and description.

Air BnB
My home for the foreseeable

Be You
Trying to be someone else is never pretty
Marmalade Skies
Picture yourself in a boat on a river

Inspired by 60s and 70s fabric prints

Experimenting with blocks and masks
Grow with the Flow
Flowing into the groove
Happy Candy
Old school candy vibes
International Women's Day
Let the ladies rule!
Lava Vision
Rose lava tinted lenses
Love Love Love
Dreamy marshmallow scenes
Night Fever
Friday night and the lights are low
Yes, I'm Funny
Inspired by Villanelle in Killing Eve
You're Fab!
Summer vibes to keep you feeling cool and groovy
Good Times
Just what the doctor ordered
The Stars Our Destination
Inspired by one of my favourite music artist's Stereolab